Because you are our mission.

Developed by and for U.S. military serving overseas.

This is the only car-buying program of its kind, and you are our only customer. We understand the realities of military life and work hard to deliver a service that you can depend on to provide not only what you need, but what you deserve.

A soldier looking at a car
Trusted and Endorsed

We have worked with the Exchange for over 60 years as a Department of Defense contractor and so are held to a higher standard. We are honored to do what we do and take our role and responsibility seriously.

A picture of many soldiers
A Mission With A Motive

As a member of the military community, we’re here not only to provide a service but also to contribute. And so a portion of every vehicle sale goes to Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR). In over 60 years of serving the military community around the world, Military AutoSource has directly, and through The Exchange, contributed millions of dollars to support and develop quality of life programs for our military serving overseas.

MAS also works to develop special events and programs, including our Warrior Specialty Vehicle Program which designs and builds custom military edition vehicles in partnership with our manufacturer partners and industry leaders in design and performance, like Petty’s Garage and ROUSH Performance.

MAS employee explaining benefits to a soldier
Unmatched Benefits

Because this program is specifically designed for the U.S. military it offers many truly unique and tailored benefits including: