Meet the Passport

Model Strengths

Rugged styling, Available all-wheel drive, Powerful V6 engine, Upscale features, Smart interior design, Standard Honda Sensing safety in all trims.

Passport Brochure
2024 Honda Passport Brochure

Get detailed information about the Honda Passport and available options.

The Honda Passport is in competition with other SUVs such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Bronco, and the Toyota 4Runner. Like those SUVs, it compromises a bit of space in favor of offering a more rewarding driving experience and more rugged styling. Nobody will confuse the Passport with a minivan unlike several other SUVs on the market, which simply concentrate on offering the most space for the money. Instead, Passport owners will find themselves in a vehicle that feels premium without necessarily having a premium price point.


Available Colors